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The Salsero 


Trevor discovered the joys of salsa over 10 years ago.  He has been influenced and learnt from many great talents over the years; including Eddie Torres, Frankie Martinez, Homero Gonzales, Nelson Flores,  Cobo Bros,  Santo Rico and many more.  Trevor has been given the nickname ‘Sweetlead’ born from his unique ability to lead and inspire a distinctive effortless flow.

Trevor is no novice to the world of performing.  He is also a highly accomplished martial artist/instructor.  Over his 25 years of martial arts training, Trevor has won some of the highest competitions throughout the UK and trained many students under his wings.

Teaching salsa was a natural progression for Trevor.  He started teaching at Salsa Cubaña with Homero Gonzales, and a year after also for Mambocity. Trevor now also teaches all over the UK and internationally as a freelance instructor. Check him out at mainstream congresses and salsa events up and down the country.

Trevor’s talents includes a mixture of dance styles primarily  New York .. Cross-Body On1 or On2, Cuban salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata and Kizomba.   His lessons have a good balance of style (such as body movement and footwork) technique (such as lead and follow, connection) and most importantly, fun!


In my own words.....

 “Me dance salsa, yeah right!!” I said, “NO WAY, NOT FOR ME” I said.  That was over 10 years ago. From that Saturday night out with friends having a laugh, I was HOOKED!  By Thursday I was attending classes.   Like everyone else I often wondered if there was any real hope for me … I hung in there. 

 As a Martial artist I've learnt that strong foundations and patience is the key to success.  I spent what seemed like forever learning and re-learning the basics despite being encouraged to move up to the next level.

 I soon started seeking out more classes, also noting the do's and don'ts of teaching salsa and applying this to what I already know about teaching in general.  I was quickly becoming frustrated with classes where  2/3rds of the people could not keep up.  I watched them start and quickly move themselves up the levels, “Hey! .. your not an improver”.   Where are they now I wonder.

 ( Have you done one of my classes before?  you look familiar ) 

      ahhh!  There they are ….

Having learnt and continuing to learn from the greats in world salsa, now I'm standing in the centre circle ... never saw that coming.

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The Martial Artist




My first experience of martial arts goes back to the 1980's where I studied karate to black belt level.  I joined Shaolin kung Fu around the mid 1980's for what became over 15 years of progressive,  traditional  and self developmental martial arts training. 

I have been blessed with much success over the years in martial arts competitions and I have  won my fair share of tournaments
which include Shaolin national interclub
tournaments. The biggest gain for me has been to earn the respect of many martial
artist in and out of the Shaolin system, for my skills and abilities. 

My last grading for Shaolin was in March 1998, where I obtained my 2nd Dan status.  A long time ago I know, but I have never been grade focused.  I've always believed that you are only as good as the knowledge you possess.  

Shaolin Kung Fu Achievements:
2nd Dan Certified Black Belt

2 Time UK Interclub Champion
1 UK Interclub Silver Medallist
2 Time UK Interclub Bronze medallist

When master Baron chose to migrate over to the Choi kwang Do system, there was no doubt in my mind that I and fellow students would do the same to continue to learn from his expert tuition. Although I am now certified as a 2nd Dan/Degree in two different styles, my hunger to learn more is still as strong as ever.

Baron Choi Kwang Do Achievements:
Baron Choi Kwang Do Snr Instructor
3rd (Sam) Dan  - Certified Black Belt


Pil Sung























The IT Nerd

Yes ! . . . that's right. Yet another salsero in the IT field
we are taking over the world ! Haaaaa ha ha ha ha ha 
sorry ! ... where was I

If you're interested, knowledge base is;

VB.NET, VB, T-SQL, Microsoft Access, Javascript (Little bit), ASP, HTML & Oracle (A touch),
Visual Studio.NET, Web Design/Management




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